Catering placements with Ocn qualifications attached if required, email now for more information and prices.


Hospitality placements with Ocn qualifications attached if required, email now for more information and prices.


Event management with work experience manage events and have access to Ocn accreditation.



Retail training and work experience, learn new skills to be able to work in the retail sector. Email for more information.


Alternative provision placements available in Catering & Hospitality with Ocn qualifications available and support into further education.

Welcome To The Start Of Your Journey

Confianza, the name in training and employment readiness in Keighley. Opened for business in June of 2011 with offices based in the newly converted Central Hall in Keighley. Confianza are a group of local residents who wanted to help accessing work related training for people with specific needs and abilities that are looking to progress into employment or further education. Our experience lies in mental health and young people aged 15 to 24.


We help people obtain the skills and confidence needed to get back into employment or access further education services. With our selection of courses available, we have something for everyone whether they are looking for employment or wanting to add more skills to their portfolio. We achieve this by offering a safe and friendly learning and training environment where clients can access the information and skills needed to gain employment.


With over 25 years experience in the Hospitality & Catering industry we are ideally placed to offer training and guidance in joining the very exciting industry, we work with Ocn & Ncfe to offer quality qualifications that can enhance a person's C.V. and enable them to compete in the open labour market.


In 2013 we were pleased to announce a move into retail training and have a retail course starting in September 2014 with the support of three of our board members that come with over 30 years of experience in Supermarkets, Independent business.  



Our company's main strengths lie in :

  • Encouraging independent learning by using a variety of teaching methods.
  • Creating a supportive environment.
  • Nurturing constructive relationships with learners.
  • Academic learning through projects and extracurricular activities.
  • Holding various events in our training facilities in Keighley.
  • Cooperating with neighboring Schools & Colleges.
  • Strong partnership working.
  • Recognised social enterprise.


About us:


Confianza are husband and wife team living in Oakworth, Keighley. Amie and Gavin set up Confianza after Gavin was made redundant in 2010. Gavin not wanting to sit on his Loral’s or become another statistic decided to put his knowledge and experience into helping others find work or get the qualifications needed to return to education. Gavin created the conference and training centre at the Cellar project in Shipley and has years of experience in nurturing talent and getting the best out of people so that they can achieve their goals. Gavin is a multi-award winning caterer and has lifted many an award in his career including chef of the year in 2002. Gavin gets his drive and enthusiasm from helping other achieve their goals and when asked the other day what has been his highlight of the last 4 years he said " working with fred this year from horton has been the pinnacle so far as the chap had no confidence has very poor literacy. Once he started the course it became apparent that he was able to make the most amazing celebration cakes. We harnessed this skill and he now sells cakes as a part time job." Gavin went on to say " that is why we do what we do, a patisserie would be proud to have him on board"


Amie is a mother of three the youngest only 4 weeks old this week Dec 2014, Amie's background is in Retail where she owned two tanning salons in Halifax until mid 2012 when she sold the business to concentrate on building Confianza's infrastructure. When asked why Confianza she was happy to reply " Gavin was so miserable when he was made redundant, I could see the progress he had made with his old catering team and what they were able to achieve with the right support, It is people like Gavin that give their time tirelessly to enable others to reach their full potential that made my mind up and I sunk my savings into supporting his dream of creating a right to earn and learn". Amie went on to say " Gavin is not the easiest to work with and has a very clear of vision of how and where the company needs to be to achieve its goal of becoming sustainable without grant intervention”. Amie finished by stating” it is nice when we all get to sit down as a family and have a bit of fun as when we are all together we are a brood of 8, it makes for some interesting times but I wouldn’t change a single thing”.  




New For 2015:


Online Food Safety, Health & Safety Training.


You can now get your food safety and health and safety online with our interactive training site. We have been developing this for the last few months and are now happy to announce that it is ready for our sector. By clicking the image on the right you will be tranfered to a seperate page with more information on how to purchase a training code. 

Confianza is a Social enterprise and trades as well as receiving grants; this allows us to tailor our delivery of training around the requirements of both the local community and the company.


Social enterprises are revenue-generating businesses with a twist. Whether operated by a non-profit organization or by a for-profit company, a social enterprise has two goals: to achieve social, cultural, community economic or environmental outcomes; and, to earn revenue. On the surface, many social enterprises look, feel, and even operate like traditional businesses. But looking more deeply, one discovers the defining characteristics of the social enterprise: mission is at the centre of business, with income generation playing an important supporting role.

Social Enterprise

Additional support :

In house tutoring ensures that all our learners are able to keep up with their groups and we endeavour to make sure a learner never feels left behind in a subject. Project weeks and exchange programmes offer fun ways of broadening students' horizons and gaining experiences that help them grow. Our training is delivered on a 1 to 3 ratio to enable our clients to get the most from the training we have on offer. As we work with a more challenging group we have planned our delivery of courses around the issue that they may face. We have developed new techniques for delivery concentrating on client’s strengths and building functional skills into everything we offer.


Additional support

Simply Business Professional Indemnity

Simply Business Professional Indemnity

Public Liability : £2,000,000
Professional Indemnity : £100,000
Employers Liability : £10,000,000

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